Entry Requirements

Since January of 2007, a passport is required for all travelers entering Mexico. 

You may stay in Mexico for up to six months without a formal visa. If your passport is going to expire within six months of your entry, you may be denied entrance to Mexico. Don't chance it!
US travelers can apply for or renew their passports here.

The Cancun International Airport:

Cancun International Airport is one of the Caribbean's busiest airiports. It continues to grow and improve with the increase of travel to the Riviera Maya.
After departing the plane, your first stop will be at the Immigration counter. You may be asked a few questions about the nature of your trip. The official will want to see your passport and tourist visa (which you will have filled out before landing). Both will be stamped for your official entrance to Mexico. Keep these safe!  

After proof of citizenship has been verified, you will receive a Mexican Tourist Card, which you must keep with you at all times when in Mexico. This permit must be given to the officials upon departure. If you lose your Mexican Tourist Card you can obtain permission to leave the country from the local Immigration Office.
Retrieve your baggage and proceed through customs. Have your customs form filled out and ready. An Automated Selection System will determine whether your baggage will be searched. You will be asked to push a button. If the green light means you will be free to go, you can guess what the red light indicates. Don't worry about a search, unless you are bringing in contraband (firearms, knives, drugs, dairy, poultry, vegetables, plants, ham, beef, any type of prepared meals, wildlife without legal permits and certificate of vaccination).
Exit the airport without being stopped by the many people trying to sell you a time share or a tour or....  Just keep on walking right out the door to begin your vacation in the Riviera Maya.


Transportation Links

Rental Cars

We recommend these companies:

Best Day
USA Transfers
Cancun Valet

The bus will take you to the ADO station in Playa del Carmen. From there, take a taxi to the condos.

This is a great way to travel on the cheap once you are settled in. It is easy to take a colectivo to the Tulum ruins or to Playa del Carmen for a shopping adventure. If you buy a lot, just take a taxi back to the condo.

If you need a taxi, Agustin will be happy to handle this for you.
Information for driving from Cancun to Playa Caribe Condos
How long will it take to drive from Cancun to Akumal? For a map, click here. There is only one road that exits from the Cancun Airport. As you leave, you will pass a number of billboards and approach Highway 307 and a highway overpass. The on-ramp to your right, before the overpass, goes to the Riviera Maya. The sign says Playa del Carmen and/or Tulum, Chetumal and you will now be on the south bound ramp for Highway 307, the coastal highway. As you approach Akumal, keep your eye out for the sign that says Xelha (SHELL ha) 10 km.  The next sign will be for your turn, Playa Akumal. Get into the left hand lane, turn at the Retorno driving back to the Akumal entrance which will be your next right. As you enter Akumal, turn left just after you drive through the Arches and continue on towards Half Moon Bay where you will find Playa Caribe on the right side of the road just across from the blue Midway Food convenience store. Our office manager, Agustin will have your keys and will get you settled. If you are arriving after hours, go directly to your condo. The door will be unlocked and your key and parking pass will be on the counter. Don’t worry that it has been left unlocked, there is a security guard on duty.

Mapchick has excellent maps. They are easy to order and fun to have for your vacation. We highly recommend them.
Here's her link to Half Moon Bay condos.
Take the Google map tour through Akumal to Half Moon Bay.



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